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Under review.

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Selected Poster Presentations

K.N. Lam, E.C. Martens, and T.C. Charles (2015). Developing Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron as a host for function-based screening of human gut metagenomic DNA. Presented at the Canadian Society for Microbiologists Annual Meeting. Regina, SK, Canada.

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K.N. Lam and T.R. Hughes (2010). C2H2 zinc finger modules typically retain sequence specificity in modular assemblies. Presented at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Meeting on Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression. Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA.


Development and analysis of molecular methods for functional metagenomics of the human gut microbiome. Ph.D. Thesis.
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A phage display system to profile the DNA-binding specificities of C2H2 zinc fingers. M.Sc. Thesis.
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